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Pizza iPad POS

Point of Sale and Management Tools for Pizza Shops

Pizza shops require a point of sale system with specific ordering capabilities. The best choice for pizza shop POS will have the ability take a customized order and keep track of inventory in real-time. Add on top of that a delivery system, customer management and marketing tools and you have Lavu iPad POS for pizza shops.

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iPad Management Tools

Know your Business

  • Customer management tools
  • Inventory tracking for ingredients (toppings etc)
  • View purchase history on iPad
  • Employee timecards / sales data
  • Comprehensive sales reports
  • iPhone app shows daily, weekly, monthly reports


Pizza Shop

  • POS Lavu iPad terminal(s)
  • Take cash, check, credit card
  • Quickserve or table layout options
  • Impact/thermal printers for kitchen/receipt
  • Tableside ordering on iPad/mini/iPod/iPhone

Great Service

Serve your customers well

  • Modifiers for customized orders
  • Select crust and sauce type, size and toppings
  • Split toppings per 1/2 pie
  • Create new customers for regulars list
  • Look up existing customers when placing orders
  • Email receipts with coupons / save to list
  • Market to your customers with email list

Affordable Upfront Cost

Add terminals and mobile devices

  • KDS (Kitchen Display System) saves paper
  • Speedy, efficient order taking increases sales
  • No contracts, cancel anytime
  • Free software updates
  • 24/7 support

What People are Saying about Lavu iPad POS

With the new restaurant, Stavrulakis and the staff are trying out the use of iPads and iPods for taking orders. The technology also handles the restaurant

When the delightfully mannered waiters and waitresses take your order you are wowed again by the state of the art POSLavu point of sales system, your order is taken on an iPod touch, and transmitted wirelessly to the bar and kitchen, so when you place your drinks order the bar prepares it immediately to arrive at your table before you have finished ordering your food. ~ Baffitos, UK ~

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We give you the freedom to choose the Merchant Service Provider who best suits your requirements

iPad POS

POS Lavu is an iPad Point of Sale System

  • Your business is on the CLOUD which means you get remote access.
  • Data is updated in REAL-TIME, rather than daily.
  • So easy to learn, so powerful to use.

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As seen on Kitchen Nightmares and Wall Street Journal
Lavu iPad Point of Sale

There is more to a good point of sale system than accepting payments.
Lavu POS was designed to take advantage of modern technologies. Cloud data access means you can be on the move, but still access your inventory, employee timecards, menu, sales reports, etc. and all in real-time.

Lavu was designed to be intuitive and easy to learn, for you and your employees.

Our goal: Increase your efficiency with organization, information, centralization, and communication.

Know your Business
Powerful tools help you stay connected with your employees, customers, inventory and your bottom line. Satellite apps allow you to view sales reports in real-time on your phone, even if you are not "at the office".

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Designed to accommodate national restaurant chains as well as individual mobile food trucks, nightclubs and coffee shops, POSLavu was the very first full-featured restaurant POS for the Apple platform and continues to lead the POS revolution in innovation and integration.

Easy to use, intuitive interface

  • Faster training
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced errors and waste

Mobile and wireless

  • Take and send orders from anywhere in your network
  • Process payments tableside
  • Add devices easily

Remote management features

  • Access your business dashboard from anywhere in the world
  • Track real-time activity
  • manage settings and content

Comprehensive reporting options

  • Search by date/time,user,groups, and more
  • Upload reports to your accounting software

The "WoW" factor

  • Customers love the idea of an iPad-based point of sale system.
  • Cutting edge design bumps up the "cool" factor for your restaurant


  • No contracts
  • Free software upgrades
  • Free 14-day trial
  • First Month of Lavu Hosting Free with Mercury payment processing

POS Lavu accommodates all aspects of the restaurant experience for staff and customers, with features like guest count and seating assignment tracking, wireless order taking, and tableside payment processing. Gone are the hassles associated with traditional point of sale solutions. With POS Lavu, there are no expensive setups, confusing menu configurations, or paper tickets.

Don't make a decision based on POS system reviews from other people. Try POS Lavu for yourself with afree 14 day trialand see why our solution is superior to other point of sale options.

Our POS Pricing and Sign up


How many do you require?

Single Terminal

  • 1 Terminal (iPad)
  • 1 iPod/iPhone
  • 2 Printers
  • 1 Cash Drawer
  • Unlimited Users

License: $895


$39 / Month

Dual Terminals

  • 2 Terminals (iPad)
  • 10 iPods/iPhones
  • 5 Printers
  • 2 Cash Drawers
  • Unlimited Users

License: $1495


$79 / Month

Best value

3+ Terminals

  • 3 Terminals (up to 10)
  • 15 iPods/iPhones
  • Unlimited Printers
  • Unlimited Cash Drawers
  • Unlimited Users

License: $2495

Pro 3+

$149 / Month

*Additional terminals $20 / Month each
Limit 10 terminals in total
Need more than 10? contact us


Which meets your needs?

hardware not included

Switch between formats depending on your service types Table, Tab, Quick Serve layouts
Assign a printer from the app for guest receipts and/or order tickets Printers
Easily track employees time card punches Time Cards
Track money in/out of the register for non-sale transactions. Ex: Petty Cash, Pay Out the band, etc. Paid in / Paid out
Allow employees to Clock In/Out on the iPad Clock in / Clock out
Create custom discounts and apply to items or checks Custom discounts
Add notes to an order Order Notes
Customer is forced to choose a pre-defined menu item modification or selection. Ex: Soup or Salad Forced Modifiers
Customer may optionally modify items. Ex: Extra Mustard Optional Modifiers
Connect multiple choice type Forced Modifiers when one option is always followed by another. Ex. Salad > Salad Dressing Detours
Associate ingredients with items. Those ingredients are automatically deducted from your inventory Ingredients
Track inventory stock and costs Inventory
Enter tip amounts before settling the credit card batch Tip Adjustments
Split an order into multiple checks for divided payment. Split Checks
Easily access groups of Menu Categories Menu Groups
Makes it a cinch to select seat number and course number at the table Seat / Course
Track total Guest Count for selected time periods Guest Count
Create custom payment types and apply to order payments Custom Payment Types
Multiple orders combine while maintaining separate checks Merge Orders
Live support and and ticket system 24-7 Phone Support for Software
Happy Hour Happy Hour
Cash Reconciliation Cash Reconciliation
Online Ordering Online Ordering
Employee Pay Rates Employee Pay Rates
Calculate O.T. pay based on daily/weekly/holiday hours Overtime/Doubletime
Group employees for advanced reporting Employee Classes
Easily track employees time card punches Lavu Local Server Included (Optional)
Manages and monitors kitchen print jobs and includes printer alerts for maximum reliability Advanced Print Queue
Meal Periods Meal Periods
Revenue Centers Revenue Centers
iPad POS that is Simple and Smart
  • Video
  • Transactions
  • Cloud
  • Support
  • Accessories
  • Packages
  • Savings

Prime Time Lavu

Kitchen Nightmares Helps Business

When the producers of Fox TV's hit prime time show Kitchen Nightmares need to improve efficiency and organization at their featured restaurants or just want to add a touch of class, they choose to install POS Lavu.


Great Rates

Exceptional Service

  • Gift Cards
  • Coupons and Offers
  • Loyalty Programs


Anywhere, Anytime

Cloud Data Boosts Efficiency

Check your detailed reports in real-time and update your menu from anyplace with Internet access.

  • Remote Access
  • Real-time Reports
  • Modify menu and settings on the fly


Help is always nearby.

Simple. Smart. and Supported.

Our trained and certified Lavu Distributor Network is your frontline support system. Our robust Lavu Community offers tips and experience regarding setups.

  • Certified Distributor Support
  • Community Forum, Online Help Center
  • 24/7 Lavu Phone Support and Ticket System


Unique as You.

Lavu Extensions add customization.

The solid Lavu POS platform has been developed to be scalable, to grow as your business grows. In addition, there are custom extensions that add features.

  • Reporting Tools
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Facebook Integration
  • Kitchen Display System


Hardware Bundles

Pre-configured Packages are Easy

Take the mystery out of the equation with your Lavu POS hardware. Lavu has Package Deals to make sure you have the best setup for your needs.



Low upfront cost, low cost overall

Lavu is up to 75% less than traditional full-featured POS solutions and you won't get nickeled and dimed

  • Free Basic support
  • Free software updates
  • Scalable - easily add new devices
  • No software contracts - cancel anytime
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