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  • Place Orders Using the Lavu Pizza Mod

  • Intuitive Touch Screen Technology

  • Find Returning Customers Using the Customer Database

  • Create New Customer Accounts

  • Select Delivery Time

  • Group Multiple Orders Together For Delivery

  • Lavu Calculates the Most Efficient Route

Lavu POS, the first full-featured iPad point of sale in the Apple App Store, offers direct solutions for pizza establishments. The software was designed to accommodate needs unique to the fast paced pizza service industry.

Fast, easy, and efficient, the Lavu Pizza Mod offers easy menu setup, real-time inventory tracking, and customer management using a directly integrated customer database.

Creating pizzas and tracking valuable customer info is easy, coupled with inventory management and intuitive software, Lavu is beneficial for any pizza location.


Built onto the robust Lavu POS core are the features and solutions designed specifically for pizzerias and similar business types

Pizza Builder Graphical Interface

Visual representation of toppings + modifiers improves ordering

Customer Database

Identify and track returning customers by searching name or email

Routing + Delivery

Assign orders to drivers and track deliveries down to the minute

Online Ordering

Embed your menu in your webpage, schedule orders for pickup


Lavu POS is built specifically for fast paced service environments. Service production is simple using an intuitive, easy to learn front of house interface.

Three Service Types

use Quick Serve, Table Layout and/or Open Tab Layout

Customizable Discounts

Apply one or multiple discounts at the checkout screen

Happy Hour Specials

Set your schedule for automatic pricing adjustments system-wide

Split Order

Split menu items or checks evenly


Managing and monitoring your business is easily done through the Lavu back of house. Reports, settings customization, and employee info is available anywhere with an internet source using modern cloud technology.

Real-time Management

updates to settings are applied in real-time to FoH devices

Employee Access Levels

Improve loss prevention and employee accountability

Robust Reports

Know your business with end of day sales and product reports

Inventory Tracking

Real-time ingredient usage and inventory countdown feature


Lavu POS is a less expensive alternative to traditional point of sales. With so many features to improve productivity, Lavu POS is an investment that helps save and earn money.

Lower Initial Investment

Save thousands with small upfront cost

Inexpensive Hardware

Spend a fraction of traditional POS costs by using Apple products

Certified Specialist

frontline & onsite support, no contracts or retainers


free twenty-four hour phone support for all Lavu POS clients

  • “Lavu significantly lowered my credit card rates, is totally affordable, and I can change things to make the POS system exactly the way I want it to be. The installation was fast, smooth, and affordable.”

    Donner Pass Pizza

  • “Our servers can provide a level of service that many places cannot. Using iPads gives us the mobility and ability to sell more product in a time efficient manner.”

    Fortina Italian Restaurant

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Questions About Lavu POS What is Lavu iPad POS? Learn about Lavu Point of Sale

Start accepting payments ... with style

Lavu iPad POS may appear as sleek and elegant, but the beauty is much more then skin deep. Accept cash, check and credit cards with low rates. Improve your business efficiency with full featured Reports and Management Tools. Build customer loyalty with Marketing Tools.

Lavu POS accepting credit card on iPad

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Questions about Lavu POS What Business Types Are Best Fit For Lavu iPad POS? Learn about Lavu Point of Sale

3 Robust Service Types to Choose From

Use one or any combo, you choose

  • View of POS Tab Layout for Lavu on iPad Tab Layout
    View of POS Lavu Table Layout on iPad Table Layout
    View of Lavu POS Quickserve Screen on iPad Quick Serve Layout
  • Screen shot of Tab Layout on Free iPad POS Tab Layout
    Screen shot of Table Layout on Free iPad POS

    Open Tab Layout

    Open a tab. Add to the tab. Close out the tab - it's easy!

    • Pre-authorization function lets the customer keep their card
    • Tabs can be tied to a card or named after a customer or group
    • Easily transfer tabs to a tables
  • iPad view of Quickserve on Lavu POS Quick Serve Layout
    View of iPad with Lavu POS Quickserve Layout

    Quick Serve

    Designed for quick counter service and immediate checkout.

    • Quick access to full menu
    • Simplified ordering and checkout
    • Automatic settings ensure order sending and receipt printing in a rush
  • View of iPad with Lavu POS Table Layout Table Layout
    View of iPad with Lavu POS Table Layout options

    Table Layout

    Have a sit-down type of restaurant? Our customizable layout has you covered.

    • Match table placement and shapes exactly with our editor
    • Table turn blue when seated, green when checking out
    • Select the number of guests to be seated, assign them a seat in the order

Description of Lavu iPad Point of Sale What Do I Need To Consider Before Purchasing Lavu iPad POS? Learn about Lavu POS

Prepare for your POS Investment!

We understand that purchasing a point of sale system is an important decision.
Like any investment, you will need to make sure your POS system is a good fit for you and your company and has long term value.

View of POS hardware for iPad based Lavu

Hardware bundles for Lavu Point of Sale

Business Smart

Business Smart helps restaurant owners and entrepreneurs understand the service industry, identify technology trends and what it means for their business, and better utilize their point of sale.

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Lavu Hardware Bundles Remove Guesswork

Using the right hardware for your establishment will keep production steady, make customers happy, and reduce stress. Select the hardware you prefer, and scale your business according to your needs.

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